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We pride ourselves on being absolutley the best house clearance and ethical waste disposal company in Nottingham.

If you have just moved into a new property and it still has rooms of waste you would like to be disposed of, we can provice a clearance on any room in the house. Same applies for if you about to sell or rent a property and you need a complete house clearance top to bottom for the new occupants. We can help with cleaning out and moving from an old office to a new, or perhaps sadly there has been a bereavement or an elderly friend / relative moved into more suitable accomodation.

Whatever your house clearance needs are, we can help with downsizing, clutter clearance from any room including:

Lofts, Attics, Basements, Offices Clearances
“Stick it in the loft, we might need it one day!” A typical saying for most families which can usually lead to a very full loft indeed! Its no problem at all, we can clean it up for you!

Shed Clearance
Again, not a problem, we can clean out the shed and leave it nice and tidy for whatever new items you want to place in there!

Garage Clearance
Problems fitting the car inside? We can make it happen and even send away all those old paint tins that found their way in there to various community projects!

I'm sure you get the idea! We can do it all for you, just remove your personal effects and we will do the rest. 
We aim to recycle as much of your unwanted clearance material as possible,  even if the furnishings are unusable we have it turned into fuel bails to help keep Britain warm!We even take unwanted mobility aids which we aim to deliver to the disabled or wounded members of the armed forces. Charities will also benefits from our work as all unwanted clothes, beddings, towels and fabrics, if in suitable condition, will be resold through them. 

Here is a list of typical goods we can find a suitable home for:

  • Glasses to developing countries
  • Blankets, towels, clothes and other fabrics to the needy
  • Mobility aids to the disabled and wounded armed forced soldiers.
  • Cat/Dog food and suitable fabrics to recovery centres.
  • Even coat hangers and video tapes are part of our recycling scheme!
  • Anything else we will recycle or find something suitable to meet the need in question, we are very flexible.
  • “Reduce, Reuse and Recycle” is our motto and we aim to deliver on this with every job we take.

Once we have worked for you, we have no doubts that you will recommend us to anyone else that needs a similar service!

"Keep Britain warm!
We even take unwanted mobility aids"



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